The Anstadt Company is a fifth-generation family owned integrated marketing and graphic communications company headquartered in York, PA, currently in its 140th year in operation. With the help of our highly talented and passionate team of marketing and graphic communications specialists, as well as our world-class technology, we bring forward a vast array of marketing and print communications products and services aimed at generating demand. We work every day to build and grow a highly sophisticated portfolio of companies that collectively bring forth value to the companies and industries we serve.

Together, The Anstadt Company provides a collection of brands that are passionate about generating demand, backed by world-class technologies, tools and capabilities not traditionally seen by the mass market.

Our Mission: Our mission is to generate demand for your brands, products, and services.

Our Values

Our primary responsibility is to our customers. In meeting their needs, we must produce the highest quality product, delivered to market quickly.

We are responsible to our employees, the individuals whom we work with each day and make up the Anstadt Team. Our team-based approach to a successful business is dependent upon dedicated, passionate employees that are accountable for their work and the role they fulfill within the company.

We are committed to the communities in which we live and work. We will be good corporate citizens through providing our talents and services where appropriate that can help further our communities.

Our company will have sound financial philosophies to ensure the growth and long-term success of the organization. We will invest in new equipment and must continually look to introduce new products and services that better serve the needs of our customers.

Our Culture

Grit - Courage and resolve, strength of character and the ability to handle adversity and overcome challenges

Clarity - Know your role and what you need to accomplish each day

Gratitude - Be thankful for our customers, each other and the opportunities that each new day brings

Teamwork - Unity is strength; and through collaboration and teamwork, we can achieve wonderful things

Our Companies

Our integrated approach is comprised of three distinct marketable brands and companies all highly-focused on generating demand across various industries and market segments.

  • Central File Marketing

    Central File Marketing is focused on providing data-driven direct mail marketing and promotions solutions for the rent-to-own industry. Central File has a talented team of marketing designers, target market researchers and direct mail specialists with insider knowledge of the rent-to-own industry. Central File Marketing consistently goes above and beyond to make certain your direct mail marketing campaign leads to success through proven customer retention programs that deliver the highest levels of ROI.

  • Anstadt Communications

    A marketing execution and print communications company, defined by its four key brand traits of delivered market value:
    • Building brand equity and brand consistency across marketing and print channels
    • Acceleration of Information to Market
    • Lean Process Improvement of Marketing Operations
    • Marketing and Design Innovation

  • Formerly known as Kurzenknabe Press and founded in 1893, K-Press was acquired as part of The Anstadt Company portfolio in November of 2014. The K Press brand focuses specifically on politically-related marketing campaigns, political action committees and elections, along with labor union-focused marketing and communications initiatives.

Executive Team


Although the company has grown and evolved, the true beginnings of The Anstadt Company was in 1878 by the Reverend Peter Anstadt. Peter began to print and publish a Teachers’ Guide for Sunday School. (To add historical perspective, this was two years after the introduction of the telephone and the year before Thomas Edison invented a practical incandescent light.)

As the company grew, Peter’s three sons learned the printing business and, in 1903, Charles P. (representing the second generation) took over as president. Under his leadership Anstadt Printing began offering rubber stamps, stationery, and school and office supplies as well. In 1922, his son Charles B. Anstadt joined the firm.

Charles brought progressive ideas and was quick to incorporate new inventions. He purchased the company’s first offset press in 1946; with this addition the company was able to produce a wide variety of advertising and marketing pieces.

Henry Peter Anstadt and his wife Ann succeeded him, representing the fourth generation of the family running the successful firm. Henry diversified the company’s capabilities with foil stamping and embossing, thermography, and four-color process work. He also purchased Printing Plate Craftsmen and renamed the firm Anstadt Printing Craftsmen.

The fifth generation to lead the company consists of Matthew R. Doran and his wife Jennifer, the daughter of Henry Peter. Matt has taken an even broader strategic approach towards the business and has brought forth many new products and marketing services beyond ink on paper. He has invested in the next generation of technology—digital printing—and upgraded to some of the most highly sophisticated printing technologies available in the global market.

Under Matt’s leadership, the company has made significant acquisitions that has helped further diversify and expand the portfolio of the entire business, such as HAPSCO (The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Services Company) in 2010, Kurzenknabe Press in 2014, and Central File Marketing in 2017. He has also invested in the next generation of technology, such as cutting-edge digital print and print enhancement, and has also invested to expand our business model to include the talent, technologies, and processes to move the company forward well into the future.
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